2010-2011 LCC Local Competitons Results

Hello everyone!  Stacy Carlson here.  I want to thank everyone who has contributed this last year to the digital competition.  It’s been exciting to see the number of entries increase each month.  It has been equally exciting to see new members participating and entering.  Thank you.

When I took over the chair for the competition in August, I really wanted to find a way to recognize our talent in a new way.  With the approval of the board, the local competition was created and I’m excited to be a part of the first annual Local Digital Competition Awards ceremony!

The judging took place earlier this month.  The judges were asked to judge the photos who placed 1-HM last round of competitions.  They voted on Best of Themed, Creative, PhotoJournalism, Nature and Pictorial.  I will be announcing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of this judging, as well as 3 honor mentions for each category.

There will also be awards given to 3 photographers who scored highest for Photographer of the Year.  Everyone who placed 3 or more photo during the last round of competitions was entered.  The overall average of all their winning photos is what determined their placement.

You can see all the incredible winning photos on the club’s Flickr Page

Themed Photography Winners

4th HM    Jim  Budka    spiral stair case shadow
4th HM    Donna  Gustafson    Sunset
4th HM    Dennis  Gaibler    surfer
3rd Place    Kenneth Plank    Angels_in_Glory
2nd Place    Julie  Halloran    Pawnee_Lake_Sunset
1st Place    Susan Ellis    Hearst Castle Pool

Digital Creative Photography Winners

4th HM    Pavan Kumar    New Year Card
4th HM    Abe  Chen    Odd shapes
4th HM    Karen  Harris    santa crossing
3rd Place    Linda S. Graham    teapot
2nd Place    Jim  Atkins    FIRE GLASS
1st Place    Angela Carroll    Snow Dog

Digital PhotoJournalism Photography Winners

4th HM    Angela Carroll    Frigid Frolic at the Polar Plunge
4th HM    Pavan Kumar    Waiting_for_Tonight
4th HM    Karen  Harris    Surfing Good on Coast Today
3rd Place    Kenneth Plank    Overpass disappears overnight
2nd Place    Julie  Halloran    ferris wheels last state fair in lincoln
1st Place    Jim  Atkins    Fire in Bookstore!

Digital Nature Photography Winners

4th HM    Karen  Harris    lake snow
4th HM    Kenneth Plank    Wood Duck Swirl
4th HM    Robert Hilsabeck    Wheat Awn
3rd Place    Jim  Atkins    lilac tree#4
2nd Place    Linda S. Graham    I see you
1st Place    Bradley Moser    Crescent Moon

Digital Pictorial Photography Winners

4th HM    lighthouse    Karen  Harris
4th HM    Antelope Canyon1    Doug Savery
4th HM    aspen_cabin    Julie  Halloran
3rd Place    milkweed    Linda S. Graham
2nd Place    Anaeho’omalu    Dennis  Gaibler
1st Place    NYC_Cubes    Pavan Kumar

Photographers of the Year

Julie  Halloran
Donna  Gustafson
Bradley Moser