RBCC 2011 Photo Exchange Winners by Clark Springman

The winners of the annual photo exchange with the RBCC in Lincoln, England have been chosen and returned to us for display. Congratulations go out to Susan Ellis – 1st Place, Bob Hilsabeck – 2nd Place, Donna Gustafson – 3rd Place, Rebecca Hueske – Highly commended, Julie Halloran – Commended, and Kenneth Plank – Commended.

Susan Ellis - 1st Place - Blue Scarlett

Bob Hilsabeck - 2nd Place - Vault Hinge


Donna Gustafson - 3rd Place - Common Kestrel


Rebecca Hueske - Highly Commended - Hyatt at the Arcade


Julie Halloran - Commended - Mountains Purple Majesty


Kenneth Plank - Commended - Family of Geese