Camera Club Board Meeting


Camera Club Board Meeting

June 11, 2013

Board Members and Present:  Angela Carroll, Teri King, Jim Atkins, Jerry Jensen, Julie Halloran and Susan Ellis

President Angela Carroll called the meeting to order in her home.

Minutes – approved as corrected.  The speaker is Ted Kirk from the Journal Star newspaper.

Treasurer’s Report – accepted as presented.  The balance is $2452.35

Decals – we received extra decals because the company made an error.  Teri sold 17 decals.

New Business

Review of camera club expenditures

HostGator is our web-hosting site.

Flickr account – should we maintain the pro account?  We decided to keep the pro account for another year

Software Pursuits – this is our competition software fee.

A motion was made that we review our Internet advertising pricing for Rockbrook Camera.   The motion carried.  Angela will propose to Rockbrook that we either increase their fee or have them give our members a discount on purchases.

Sam Mather Memorial Photo Contest – Wyman Mather asked our club to provide judges to judge the entries on June 28.  Angela will ask the membership for volunteers.

Survey Results – Angela reviewed the results of the surveys completed at the May Salon.  There were many positive comments.

A motion was made to allow members to promote their websites on our website at a rate of $5 per month.  The motion carried.

A motion made to allow photography related advertising by non-members at a rate of $10 per month.  All requests are subject to board approval. The motion carried.

Yvonne Nelson – a motion to give a $25 memorial for Yvonne.  The motion carried.

Program Report – Jeffrey Bollman will speak about photograms at our June meeting.  Our August meeting will be a family picnic at Antelope Park on Sunday, August 18 instead of our regular meeting night. A motion made and carried to have Angela buy chicken for our dinner.

Competition Report – the committee will select themes for July and August.  Teri will look into the feasibility to remotely judge our images.  Teri will ask members for theme suggestions for the PSA competitions at the June meeting.

Membership Report – we have 51 members.  We will continue hold the contest to recruit new members.

Field Trips – We will go to the Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha on July 13.  A trip to the Children’ Zoo will be planned in August or September.  The club will have a Halloween themed field trip in October.

Children’s Zoo Project – our first day at the zoo be June 19.  Angela will send a reminder to the committee mem

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Gustafson