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Angela Carroll

Let’s Get Out There is the theme I have chosen for the camera club’s 2012 year!!

Enjoying photography means –taking photos!  Getting out there is the first step in obtaining real joy when you are blessed with ‘the perfect shot’.

Getting Out There will reward the photographer in many ways-

Promotes physical activity-having to walk,  climb, carry equipment, prolonged standing or sitting while waiting for that ‘perfect shot’, enables us to maintain our physical strength, endurance, flexibility, balance,  lung expansion (from huffing and puffing) and hopefully lose or maintain weight by burning calories.  If you would like to experiment with endurance…try photographing a wedding!

Promotes mental and critical thinking processes-while working with camera equipment, exposure metering, lighting calculations, mathematical equations, creativity formulation, planning, memory and sequencing steps for staging and composition processing, the brain can get a good work out. Additionally, the photographer must maintain alertness throughout the process of planning, staging and taking a photograph as it formulates in the brain and then transitions to the final product. Taking photographs may appear as easy as depressing the shutter button, however, to achieve technical excellence, as well as to ‘enjoy’ the process, the mental capacities and brain functionality must be intact-and what better way to maintain mental fitness than by Getting Out There!

Promotes technical excellence-the more that we practice and challenge ourselves with photography, the better the chances that we will attain technical excellence. As you scan beautiful, impactful photographs, remember that the photographer has most likely ‘been practicing and taking thousands of photographs to achieve that excellence!

Promotes Socialization-even though photography can be considered a solo sport, it invokes endless opportunities to connect with people, communities and the world. Having the opportunity to visualize the beauty of the world and the people in it-is truly worth the effort of Getting Out There!

The benefits and joys of photography are endless-so…Let’s Get Out There!

Hope to see you at our monthly meeting June 19, 2012!


Angela Carroll


Lincoln Camera Club