Angela’s President’s Letter for July

Printing, Publishing and Presentation

Angela Carroll

Yep…I am one of those…I like to print and frame my photos!

Some say that printing is ‘a bit outdated’, however, for a new photographer such as myself, I find that printing and framing photographs enhances my enjoyment and experience of photography.

With the digital age, a photographer can take many photos, upload them , then correct or change them and then…..what?  Leaving the photos on the computer for an occasional token viewing does not have the impact that a printed photograph has.

 There are several reasons why a photographer may want to print, publish or present their photos.

Presentation affects an image by giving it a finished look.  The matting and framing should have careful consideration, enhancing the photo. Presentation increases accessibility for many other people to enjoy the photograph, and to enhance the environment for which it is displayed, adding visual impact to the area or interior design.  Presentation also gets your photo ‘Out There’ for others to contemplate purchasing your photo or making a request for future photo services.

Impact and storytelling should or is usually an element of an excellent photograph.  Individuals can be mesmerized, studying a photograph for extended periods of time, because the photo has elicited an emotional response or intellectual process, touching the viewer’s soul and mind.  Individuals are not as impacted with a photo that remains on the LCD of the camera or in a digital file. Printing a photograph brings the photo and the captured moment to life!

Competitions, Magazines, Photo Books and Art Galleries require printed photographs. What would it be like if we opened a magazine or book and there were NO photos? What would it be like if we went to the State Fair to view those great photographs and all we were handed was a computer disc?

What about walking into an art gallery only to be directed to a computer kiosk to view photographs? The enjoyment of an art gallery is the experience of viewing the larger than life photographs of iconic figures and cultural events of our life.

Some competitions (such as our club) only require an upload into a web based program. This process is adequate and works well…and for the most part we can enjoy the photograph and provide a quality critique. However, competitions from the State and County Fair, and many art galleries, require printed and sometimes framed photographs. You can’t win-if you don’t submit that printed photo!

If we practice taking high resolution photos, we are in a position to submit our photos to magazines and stock files for billboards and other marketing venues.

If you are interested in publishing your photos, contact the venue and obtain the requirements. Even though the venue will accept your photo as an upload, your photo will first be printed by the publisher to critique the quality, technical excellence and viability for presentation, before you are notified if your photo was accepted for publication.

Enjoyment-looking at your photos as they hang in your office or your friend’s house, reminds you of the experience that you had when you took the photo and the JOY it gives you when you see your photograph presented!!

There is nothing like hearing how YOUR photo impacted the life of another person!

Printing, publishing and presenting our photos is a fun and great learning tool that will inject enthusiasm and rejuvenation into our creativity and technical abilities as we photograph the world and show it off for everyone else to see!!

 Let’s Get Out There!


Angela Carroll


Lincoln Camera Club