Submit your photos for the January Competition!

January is (very) quickly approaching and our next Digital Competition is on January 6!  Photos should be submitted no later than December 30, 2010 CST!  The theme for the Theme category for January is Sunsets.  You are also welcome to submit your entries for the Nature, Pictorial, Photo Journalism and Creative categories.

To find out more about our competitions check out the Lincoln Camera Club’s website under the “Competitions” tab.  You will find our calendar, more information about the categories, how to enter, and so much more!  We would love to have participate!

December 2010 Competition Results

Even though there wasn’t a N4C competition in December, we had a wonderful turn out for the start of our local competition! To see all of the winners, check out the Lincoln Camera Club’s Flickr Page!  Everyone who placed this month will be entered into the Local Competition pool to be judged in May!

December 2010 Themed (Faces) View

1st Place – Mimic    Pavan Kumar
2nd Place – Electric Fun    Angela Carroll
3rd Place – Too Much Shopping    Linda S. Graham
Honorable Mention – Thai girl    Karen  Harris
Honorable Mention – Katelyn    Jim  Atkins
Honorable Mention – Shelly and  Ryley    Julie  Halloran
Honorable Mention – Loveable    Robert Hilsabeck

December 2010 Creative Photography  View

1st Place – Frosted    Karen  Harris
2nd Place – Christmas just ahead    Linda S. Graham
3rd Place – Fire Flakes    Pavan Kumar
Honorable Mention – Hot Rod    Jim  Atkins
Honorable Mention – Broken Arch    Robert Hilsabeck

December 2010 Photo Journalism Photography View

1st Place – Too Much for the Elevator    Linda S. Graham
2nd Place – Snow Kones keep park goers cool in the summer heat at the Stransky Park    Angela Carroll
3rd Place – 3 Alarm Fire    Bradley Moser
Honorable Mention – Film Shoot    Pavan Kumar

December 2010 Nature Photography View

1st Place – Lost in her beauty    Julie  Halloran
2nd Place – Crescent Moon    Bradley Moser
3rd Place – Lake snow    Karen  Harris
Honorable Mention – Teal    Jim  Atkins
Honorable Mention – Blossom and  Buds    Robert Hilsabeck
Honorable Mention – Cotton On A Stick    Angela Carroll
Honorable Mention – Cherry flowers    Pavan Kumar

December 2010 Pictorial Photography View

1st Place – NYC Cubes    Pavan Kumar
2nd Place – My Pumpkin Patch    Bradley Moser
3rd Place – Aspen Cabin    Julie  Halloran
Honorable Mention – Sweet Revenge    Darrell Watts
Honorable Mention – It’s comfy in here    Robert Hilsabeck
Honorable Mention – Sandhills Shortcut    Angela Carroll
Honorable Mention – Rural Setting    Linda S. Graham
Honorable Mention – Wellington    Karen  Harris

Deb’s Message for August

Hi all,  WOW, just finishing my 2nd shower for the day, these 90+ days outside are killers.  On a better note – it is Fair Time in Nebraska.  I entered for 30 years straight in Iowa before moving to Nebraska, so it is a subject near and dear to my heart.
The entries are all in,  I understand we have several BIG winners in the photography Department.

Get out and see the exhibits so you can get ideas for next year, and or just admire your photos hanging there for the world to see.  Don’t forget the other exhibits and the food,  all suspose to be low cal – low fat I hear (Don’t we wish).

With the summer passing by fast now, take every oppertunity to take your camera along. Life is to short to miss the good shots.
Carl found a great speaker for this meeting, Best Buy will be bringing some of it’s newest and best equipment,  Nothing like the feel of a new camera or lens in your hand.
The newsletter is awesome again – we have an award winning team here.  Please view a copy for yourself and print one for a friend.
See you all at the next meeting.  Please feel free to bring anyone who you feel would be a good fit, we are growing and getting many new younger members.  (Sadly, I fit the older crew – but such is life).

Wishing you wonderful Days and Cool nights.


Deb’s Message for July

Oops – My bad.   Want to thank Linda Graham for the outstanding job she did as club President.  She really left some big footprints to try and fill. Also want to thank her for her ongoing dedication and input to the club.  Wow, what a weather change from last month.   We all got our fill of severe weather photo shoots, and now the sun is shining.  Time for filters, shades, and getting to know your camera settings all over again.

Seeing lots of photos shared through our Facebook wall. If you haven’t been there, check us out;   And the newsletter – what a winner it is.

Yvonne has been hard at work on both the Lancaster county and State Fair photo entries.  Let’s all get out our best shots and support these 2 efforts,  LCC members ROCK!!!!!

Thanks to those that volunteered for the new committee chairmanships. We will be meeting soon to really get things rolling.  And if you are feeling left out – all Chairmen have voiced desire for additional committee members.  It’s your club – get involved and help us keep growing and serving.


Linda’s Message for May

Thanks. That is the main message of this month. Thank you to everyone who made
my tenure as president so great! Every time I needed aid people stepped up and did
more than their share. This was especially important to me since I live out of town. I
must say special thanks go out to Darrell Watts and Yvonne Nelson (our last two
illustrious presidents) who made things so much easier for me. A big thank you also goes to Jim Atkins for doing such a great job on the newsletter and working so hard with
the zoo project and to Steve Hike for doing so much work so well for the competitions.
There are many other members who also deserve a big pat on the back for all the help
they gave me; it is much appreciated.

Now having said that, we need to look forward. Our club is being recognized for its
excellence and is being asked to photograph events. We are great! This summer we
will probably be asked to help with Special Olympics on July 18th to July 23rd; please
aid them if you are able. We need to reserve time to photograph the Alzheimer’s
Memory Walk on September 19th too. And —we have our Wild Wednesdays at the
Zoo; Jim Atkins is the person to contact to help with that. I can guarantee a fun time if
you attend. And then, there are county and state fairs to keep in mind. You can enter
your photographic art and also lend a hand to Yvonne Nelson who is in charge of the
photography for both events. One last event I know of is the Sam Mather Memorial
Scholarship Photo Contest in Weeping Water in conjunction with Limestone Days.
Deadline for entry is Saturday, June 19th, 2010. If you have questions you may call
402-267-5252 in the evenings.

Enjoy the May Salon and have a great summer.