April News from Newark & District Photography Society


Hello Lincoln Camera Club, I hope you are all well and enjoying life now that signs of Spring are with us.  Daffodils are out in my garden, and tulips will soon follow.  Our magnolia is in full bloom, as are other flowering trees and shrubs in ours and in nearby gardens.


April is the last month of our programme of meetings for the 2011/2012 season, and I for one will be sorry not to have a regular weekly meeting to attend where I can catch up with friends and see the work of visiting speakers and the work our members enter into the competitions we have.  All that will have to wait until the first Monday in September.  Meanwhile we all have the summer to look forward to, with holidays at home and abroad, and some outings arranged by John Flint, our Treasurer, no doubt.  I shall be anticipating the small air-show at Wickenby in a couple of months time and practicing my “panning” skills in order to ensure sharp images of aircraft as they speed past the crowd.  Frances and I are going to the Isle of Harris again this year as it is one of our favourite locations for photography  – white sand beaches on the Atlantic side of the island are usually free of visitors and the long days in northern latitudes enable us to take pictures from long before breakfast until long after most people have gone to bed.  I’m sure you have your own favourite places to visit and really don’t need to travel outside the USA as there is so much variety within it’s bounds.


This month we began with Heat 8 of the Photographer of the Year Competition, the last Heat of this season.  It was judged by Gary Langley from Rolls-Royce PS, in Derby, on the 2nd.  The winners of the many trophies, to be awarded at the AGM on the 23rd, will be announced that evening.


There is to be no meeting on the 9th as that is Easter Monday.


On the 16th we will have a talk by Colin Lusby CPAGB from North East Lincolnshire P.S. entitled “Photography, Art for the Untalented”.  I understand this is to be a lighthearted approach to the hobby we share and will cover a wide variety of topics, majoring on British landscapes.  From experience I know that Colin is far from untalented as a photographer, but he may be suggesting that he has the same lack of skill with paints and brushes that I have!


On the 23rd it is our Annual General Meeting and, like all other meetings this month, I will not be able to attend as I shall be away doing something connected with photography.  This is, of course, the occasion when members can have their say about how the Society is run and air their views on the Programme, and anything else they wish to mention.  Sticking one’s head above the parapet may result in a position on the Committee, but that’s a risk one has to take in a democracy.


The 30th April is the date on which our Annual Exhibition opens and Awards will be handed-out to the worthy winners.  With the standard of work created by N&DPS members anyone who wins an award of any kind in the Exhibition or through the seasons’ regular competitions thoroughly deserves it.


Some of the older members of LCC may recall that the link with a British camera club was the idea of John Wells FRPS, who first made contact with Gayle Hohl when she was a Board member of LCC.  I’m sad to report that John now has an inoperable brain tumor and is back at home after some weeks in hospital.  The outlook is not good but John remains cheerful and he is pleased to see friends from the worlds of photography and golf, his two great passions.  On Sunday 8th April I am giving a talk to Yorkshire Monochrome Group, in Shipley, West Yorkshire.    I am speaking in place of John who was booked to give the talk some months before his tumor was discovered.  I am sure the YMG members would love to see Johns pictures again, and I will have to work hard to ensure that I don’t let him, and them, down.

Peter Yeo