August 2011 Digital Competition Results

We had some stunning photos this month!

Without further ado… here are the photos that placed.  You can view all the images that posted here.

Digital Themed Competition (Hands & Feet)

1st Place Wishbone by Beverly Mazur


2nd Place Hands Brading for Show by Linda Graham

AN_02_Hands_Braiding for Show

3rd Place Sandy Toes by Karen Harris

AN_03_Sandy toes

HM    Barefoot in the Park by Angela Carroll
HM    Look Ma, No Hands, No Feet by Jim Budka
HM    The Woodworker by Rebecca Hueske
HM    Palm Reader by Julie Halloran
HM    Stretch that Foot by Donna Gustafson

Digital Creative Competition

1st Place, Lines #2 by Jim Atkins

DC_01_Lines #2

2nd Place, Schoolhouse Christmas by Karen Harris

DC_02_Schoolhouse Christmas

3rd Place, Many Faces of Becky by Linda Graham

DC_03_Many faces of Becky

HM    Candlestick by Angela Carroll
HM    ZoomII by Dennis Gaibler
HM    Stuck on a Pole by Jim Budka

Digital PhotoJournalism Competition

1st Place, When a Tree Falls in the Forest by Julie Halloran


2nd Place, Determination in Tractor Pull by Linda Graham

DJ_02_Determination in Tractor Pull (1)

3rd Place, Lighting the Sky on the 4th of July by Angela Carroll

DJ_03_Lighting the sky on the 4th of July

HM    Flag Presentation Cornhusker Games by Jim Budka
HM    Ride ‘Em Cowboy by Donna Gustafson
HM    Fourth of July Blast Attended by Over 3000 by Karen Harris
HM    One Room School House by Brad Moser
HM    Randy the Wagon Master by Jim Atkins

Digital Nature Competition

1st Place, Bald Eagle by Donna Gustafson

DN_01_Bald Eagle2

2nd Place, Bald Eagle by Karen Harris

DN_02_Bald Eagle

3rd Place, Glacial Waters by Julie Halloran


HM Wheat at Sunset by Rebecca Hueske|
HM Bee Loaded with Pollen by Linda Graham
HM Reflections at Sunset by Jim Budka
HM Turks by Dennis Gaibler
HM Yellow Flower #1 by Jim Atkins

Digital Pictorial Competition

1st Place, The Final Blast by Jim Budka

DP_01_the final blast

2nd Place, Damn Funny Isn’t it Son by Angela Carroll

DP_02_Damn funny isn't it son

3rd Place, What Pretty Curls by Karen Harris

DP_03_What Pretty Curls

HM Nightrider by Dennis Gaibler
HM Jail House Coffee by Julie Halloran
HM Christchurch Cathedral by Karen Harris
HM Kate #2 by Jim Atkins
HM Follow the Bouncing Yellow Ball by Rebecca Hueske