Bernadette Korslund

Beatrice Daily Sun    March 24, 2013 2:09 pm  •  By Emily Deck/ Daily Sun staff writer
Bernadette Korslund

After looking through thousands of her photographs from her trip to Vietnam, photographer Bernadette Korslund discovered a common them, the people.

“They caught my eye,” Korslund said. “The people are so optimistic.”

Korslund will be displaying her photo exhibit, “Vietnam: Its People,” for the public at the Kensington on the second floor until May 5 for no charge.

Korslund, who lives in Beatrice, traveled to Vietnam with her husband, Paul, in September.

Originally from France, Korslund wanted to visit Vietnam to see the influence of the French culture in Asia, she said.

While touring the southern portion of the country, Korslund became more fascinated with the Vietnamese people than with the remains of the French culture that she saw in the architecture of buildings and the food.

In her 15-photo display at the Kensington, she mostly targets the women whom she met.

“You see the women more because they are the businesspersons,” Korslund said. ”They are the ones who are the street vendors.”

She included some photos of children and men fishing, but she said “it is really about the women.”

“They have a good sense of business,” Korslund said. “They know what they are doing and they have pride in their products.”

Korslund began taking photography seriously after retiring from teaching French after 25 years.

She took classes at Southeast Community College-Beatrice and online. She says her photographs have a journalistic style to them.

As a member of the Lincoln Camera Club, she hopes to continue to expand her knowledge.

“I am not where I want to be,” Korslund said. “I have other ideas, and I want to be better.”

Korslund has had a display at the Beatrice Public Library and has done photography for Main Street Beatrice in the past, but said displaying her work at the Kensington allows the residents of the assisted living home “to see something different.”

“It expands their horizons for them,” Kensington Family Service Coordinator Terri Keslar said. “They had some misconceptions about Vietnam thinking that people would be angry there and not like Americans. Bernadette put that all at ease for us and told us how wonderful the people are and how forgiving they are.”

The display will be open seven days a week for residents and the public to view until May 5.

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