Camera Club Board Meeting

Camera Club Board Meeting

October 9, 2013

Present:  Angela Carroll, Julie Halloran, Steve Hike, Jim Atkins, Karen Harris, Jerry Jensen, Teri King and Susan Ellis

President Angela Carroll called the meeting to order in her home.

Minutes – approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report – the report is tabled.

Old Business:  none

New Business:  Angela will meet with Rockbrook to discuss advertising on our website. A motion was made and seconded to charge Rockbrook $20 per month.  The motion carried.

The Board welcomed new director Steve Hike.  Steve told us about his photographic background.

A motion was made and seconded to change our annual membership fee structure.   Youth (18 and under) will pay $15. Adults will pay $25.  Adults and spouses will pay $35.  Prorated dues for a partial year are $2 for adults and $1 for youth per month.  The motion carried

Youth Division Report – the youth division has two members.

Competition Chair Report – we need to move to the 75-membership competition level because we exceed the 50-membership level.  A motion was made to move to the 75-membership level.  The cost is $233 per year with remote judging.  The motion carried.

Website Report – Teri wants to hear comments about problems with the website.  The Board tabled the project to allow members to advertise their photographic businesses on our website for a fee.

Children’s Zoo Project Report – The Board thanked Jerry for his work on this project.   Jerry bought a new DVD burner to burn discs for the zoo photographers.  Jerry described several problems.  He wants to use rechargeable batteries in the cameras because he doesn’t know when the single use batteries have lost their charge. The public doesn’t know who are or why we are there.  We need to create signage explaining who we are.  We need more decals for next year.  One camera quit working.  Jerry fixed it but he would like to replace the cameras.  Jerry will give the Board a list of supplies that he needs for next year at February board meeting.

Membership Report – none

Program Report – members will bring 2 photos for judging to the October meeting.

November – Angela is arranging for a pet photographer

Christmas Party – The meeting will be December 17 at the Havelock Social Hall.  We will have a social time from 6:00 – 6:30. Dinner will be at 6:30.  The program will start at 7:00.

January – members will bring gadgets that they keep in their camera bags.  We will judge photos from England.

May Salon – will be held at Valentino’s.  We will change the night to later in the week because children eat free on Tuesdays and the noise level was high.

Field Trip Report – no report

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn.  The motion carried.


Respectfully Submitted,

Donna Gustafson