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Photo Competition for the N&DSP of Lincoln, England


For entering the photo competition for the N&DSP of Lincoln, England they require we format our photos to the requirements of the projector they use. 

Here are the requirements:

Image width = 1400 pixels

Image height = 1050 pixels

Image type = JPEG

Color Space = sRGB

Color Bit Depth = 8 bit

size can be any

Image title not more than 30 characters

Image title = your name–photo title.jpg

example = jim_atkins-sunset_over_falls.jpg

or jimatkins-sunsetoverfalls.jpg

Images not conforming to the specification will not be rejected but will be projected as presented.

Each member can submit 4-5 photos

Or if you entered the RBCC competition and want to use the same photos for this competition let me know so I can transfer over to the N&DSP folder.

Please send email to me at (jna) or call me (402-483-1610 )for more information or to drop by with photos on a flash or thumb drive. 

I must have the photos by February 22, 2015. Thats the deadline.

Thank you,

Jim Atkins 

Lincoln Camera Club

Winners form Newark & District Photographic Society 2014 Competition

We have presented your images to our members and have the results.  We gave the 40 members present a list of the images and asked them to score each image between 2 and 5.  Here are the scores for the top 12 images.




Leland Osten

Garden Guard



Leland Osten

Eastern Bluebird



Susan Ellis

My Blue Scarlett



Dennis Gaibler

Mirror Mirror



Karen Harris

Show Off



Teri King

Old Dodge Pickup



Susan Ellis




Teri King




Julie Halloran

Founder of the World Herald



Karen Harris

Mushroom Water Drop



Elva Osten

Snowstorm Birds



Julie Halloran

Nation’s Pride


Congratulations to Leland Osten for coming out on top. 

We had a very enjoyable evening, your images show a very different way of life in almost every aspect, thank you for your participation.

Best wishes to all your members and to you on your retirement from this role, thanks for all your work in arranging this exchange and we look forward to hearing from your successor.



Rose King, President
Newark & District Photographic Society
please reply to:

Photo Exchange with N&DPS in England!

Photo Exchange with N&DPS in England!
Remember, the due date for your photos is coming up: Friday, January 24th!
Please e-mail the photos to me by that date or sooner.
Remember, the photos must be no wider than 1400 pixels, and no higher than 1050 pixels.
That means that a vertical photo still has to be no more than 1050 pixels high.
This rule is different than what we do for RBCC.
If you would like your photos from the RBCC exchange used in the N&DPS  exchange please let me know by Monday January 20thI will make the size adjustments.
If you send photos to me and I do not acknowledge them within 24 hours, please give me a phone call.
Clark Springman
Phone:   402-486-1456

Newark & District Photographic Society – January 2013


Happy New Year to all in Lincoln Camera Club from a very wet Newark & District PS.  We have had torrential rain at times, then just rain, but it all accumulates and the River Trent that runs through Newark, and bypasses the tiny village I live in, has burst its banks in several places and there are areas where the river is about half a mile wide.  Water-pumping stations have been flooded by the water they are meant to distribute and we were without water for a few hours as a result.

Rose King, our President, and her husband Paul are in California as I write this column, and they too have had rain.  Clark Springman sent a CD with the images for the inter-club image exchange to Rose in California so as to avoid the Christmas and New Year mail “rush” and sent me a copy as well.  Our thanks are due to Clark for his hard work in gathering LCC’s work for our enjoyment, and for ensuring we get it in good time for our meeting on 7th January.  We originally planned to show the N&EMPF Exhibition CD of images and commentary but as the exhibition doesn’t actually open until 12th January it is not possible to show it, so the LCC/N&DPS Exchange will fill-in very nicely.

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December 2012 News from Newark & District Photographic Society


Hello Lincoln Camera Club members.  Here we are at the end of November and Christmas is not far away.  Our Programme for December is quite sparse, with only two meetings and the Christmas social event.

On Monday 3rd December we have Heat 3 of the Photographer of the Year Competition.  This is for Projected Digital Images and our judge is Bob Rowe ARPS, from Nottingham.  Bob is an excellent choice for judge as he is a professional Photoshop tutor and has many years of experience as a photographer, lecturer and judge.

On the 10th Newark hosts the “Manor Trophy”.  This is an inter-club competition for up to five clubs from the area who are selected because of a proven track-record in producing good quality work.  Our own member, Ralph Bennett ARPS will be the judge.

The 17th is the night we have our annual Christmas social and this year we shall return to the same venue as last year, overlooking the River Trent.  The two following Mondays are devoted to Christmas and New Year breaks.

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