Deb’s Message for August

Hi all,  WOW, just finishing my 2nd shower for the day, these 90+ days outside are killers.  On a better note – it is Fair Time in Nebraska.  I entered for 30 years straight in Iowa before moving to Nebraska, so it is a subject near and dear to my heart.
The entries are all in,  I understand we have several BIG winners in the photography Department.

Get out and see the exhibits so you can get ideas for next year, and or just admire your photos hanging there for the world to see.  Don’t forget the other exhibits and the food,  all suspose to be low cal – low fat I hear (Don’t we wish).

With the summer passing by fast now, take every oppertunity to take your camera along. Life is to short to miss the good shots.
Carl found a great speaker for this meeting, Best Buy will be bringing some of it’s newest and best equipment,  Nothing like the feel of a new camera or lens in your hand.
The newsletter is awesome again – we have an award winning team here.  Please view a copy for yourself and print one for a friend.
See you all at the next meeting.  Please feel free to bring anyone who you feel would be a good fit, we are growing and getting many new younger members.  (Sadly, I fit the older crew – but such is life).

Wishing you wonderful Days and Cool nights.