Deb’s Message for July

Oops – My bad.   Want to thank Linda Graham for the outstanding job she did as club President.  She really left some big footprints to try and fill. Also want to thank her for her ongoing dedication and input to the club.  Wow, what a weather change from last month.   We all got our fill of severe weather photo shoots, and now the sun is shining.  Time for filters, shades, and getting to know your camera settings all over again.

Seeing lots of photos shared through our Facebook wall. If you haven’t been there, check us out;   And the newsletter – what a winner it is.

Yvonne has been hard at work on both the Lancaster county and State Fair photo entries.  Let’s all get out our best shots and support these 2 efforts,  LCC members ROCK!!!!!

Thanks to those that volunteered for the new committee chairmanships. We will be meeting soon to really get things rolling.  And if you are feeling left out – all Chairmen have voiced desire for additional committee members.  It’s your club – get involved and help us keep growing and serving.