December 2010 Competition Results

Even though there wasn’t a N4C competition in December, we had a wonderful turn out for the start of our local competition! To see all of the winners, check out the Lincoln Camera Club’s Flickr Page!  Everyone who placed this month will be entered into the Local Competition pool to be judged in May!

December 2010 Themed (Faces) View

1st Place – Mimic    Pavan Kumar
2nd Place – Electric Fun    Angela Carroll
3rd Place – Too Much Shopping    Linda S. Graham
Honorable Mention – Thai girl    Karen  Harris
Honorable Mention – Katelyn    Jim  Atkins
Honorable Mention – Shelly and  Ryley    Julie  Halloran
Honorable Mention – Loveable    Robert Hilsabeck

December 2010 Creative Photography  View

1st Place – Frosted    Karen  Harris
2nd Place – Christmas just ahead    Linda S. Graham
3rd Place – Fire Flakes    Pavan Kumar
Honorable Mention – Hot Rod    Jim  Atkins
Honorable Mention – Broken Arch    Robert Hilsabeck

December 2010 Photo Journalism Photography View

1st Place – Too Much for the Elevator    Linda S. Graham
2nd Place – Snow Kones keep park goers cool in the summer heat at the Stransky Park    Angela Carroll
3rd Place – 3 Alarm Fire    Bradley Moser
Honorable Mention – Film Shoot    Pavan Kumar

December 2010 Nature Photography View

1st Place – Lost in her beauty    Julie  Halloran
2nd Place – Crescent Moon    Bradley Moser
3rd Place – Lake snow    Karen  Harris
Honorable Mention – Teal    Jim  Atkins
Honorable Mention – Blossom and  Buds    Robert Hilsabeck
Honorable Mention – Cotton On A Stick    Angela Carroll
Honorable Mention – Cherry flowers    Pavan Kumar

December 2010 Pictorial Photography View

1st Place – NYC Cubes    Pavan Kumar
2nd Place – My Pumpkin Patch    Bradley Moser
3rd Place – Aspen Cabin    Julie  Halloran
Honorable Mention – Sweet Revenge    Darrell Watts
Honorable Mention – It’s comfy in here    Robert Hilsabeck
Honorable Mention – Sandhills Shortcut    Angela Carroll
Honorable Mention – Rural Setting    Linda S. Graham
Honorable Mention – Wellington    Karen  Harris