June Report from Newark & District Photographic Society



Greetings to all in Lincoln CC.  We are having what passes for Spring over here; some beautifully warm and sunny days, interspersed with dull, gray and wet ones.  Nothing changes very much in that respect.

Newarks’ Annual Exhibition is now on in the Gilstrap Centre and there are over 500 items on display, roughly half in the form of prints, and the others in a “closed-loop” set of Digital Images on a TV screwed firmly to the wall.  I have not yet been able to visit the exhibition as Frances and I were away on the Isle of Harris, off the coast of NW Scotland, when it was hung, and I have spent two days away this week lecturing in Norfolk.

N&DPS participated in the N&EMPF Round of the Inter-club Print Championships, on the 18th May, to find the two clubs which will represent our local federation in the PAGB  Inter- club Print Championships, to be held at Connahs Quay in the autumn.  Sadly we could only manage to gain 8th place on this occasion and have to console ourselves with a set of scores that showed a consistently good average mark, rather than having outstanding images that could provide that little extra to see us through to the national Finals again.  Still, there’s always next year!   Rolls-Royce(Derby)PS and Derby City PS will strive for glory in 2012.

I am sure that even in the USA you are getting bombarded with programmes about our Queen’s forthcoming Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Towns, cities and villages all over the land are having celebratory street-parties and a variety of events to mark the occasion.  The TV is filled with current news, clips from old news programmes and just about every movie made in the last 60 years in which she is mentioned.   At the same time the Olympic torch is being carried round the nation by a huge number of athletes and the general public taking turns to carry the flame for about a mile each.  In total the route to be followed is about 7000 miles.  It is all very carefully planned, with the police working long hours stewarding the progress of the torch and the runners, and it will be the turn of Lincolnshire to host the torch relay during the next few days.  The 2012 London Olympics will soon be upon us and I am looking forward immensely to spending hour after hour after hour, sitting in front of our TV, watching the worlds finest athletes, swimmers, cyclists etc doing what most of us can’t imagine being able to do …….. oh my youth!  where did you go?  Where did this couch-potato come from??

If you have the time, and can raise the interest, how about having a look at the internet and seeing what you can find about the Isles of Harris and Lewis.  Frances and I have just spent a week in a rented cottage at a place called Seilebost, overlooking Luskentyre Bay and the small island of Taransay.  During our stay we visited many places of interest, such as the Standing Stones at Callanish, reckoned to be about 2500 to 3500 years old, and Carloway Broch, also of similar age.  The “broch” may have been a defensive structure or simply the rather grand home of a local Clan Chief.  Whatever is original purpose, it is a most impressive stone structure perched high on a rocky outcrop, and anyone thinking to attack it will have been exhausted before reaching the single tiny entrance, and quite incapable of fighting with any real resolve.  The weather was about as good as one could hope for, and the group of eight photographers, from four different camera clubs in N&EMPF, can have no excuse for failing to get some excellent images for use in competitions, exhibitions and talks.  The Atlantic side of the islands is famed for wide white sandy beaches, whilst the eastern side is all rocky inlets and an almost “moonscape” feel to it, with low hills and bare rock everywhere, and peat moorland where peat is dug in small blocks and left to dry for use as winter fuel.  Backbreaking work for a rather inefficient and slow-burning fuel, but it costs little and the smell of the smoke is said to be wonderful.  I look forward to visiting other islands in the Outer Hebrides,  North and South Uist and Barra, in the future.

I wish you all good shooting in the summer months.

Peter Yeo