LCC Photo competitions

From Rebecca:

Photo competitions for LCC will begin in October instead of September. Those of you who competed last year will remember that we had both CPID (Color Projected Image Division) and EID (Electronic Imaging Division.) Those two categories are being combined this year into “PID” (Projected Image Division.) As a result, the competition schedule has a little more wiggle room in it than last year so we will begin in October. Another item of note is that the CPID-C (Creative: Altered Reality) category still exists as it has in the past so all you creative types will still have a platform for your expertise!

A competition schedule will follow soon.

For now, I urge you to:
— make sure you are a PAID member of LCC. You must be a paid member to compete — not to mention that LCC dues make all our other programs possible, too. Need to pay your dues, or not sure if you’ve paid? Contact Karen Harris, keeper of the coins.
— start going through your summer images. Our competition categories for this year are PID, Nature, Creative, Photojournalism, and Travel. We also have local competition in Themed categories. Our October theme is Emotions.
— please think of a few ideas for future Themed category topics to bring with you to the regular LCC September meeting.
— get out there and shoot!

Rebecca H.
LCC Competitions