Lincoln Camera Club Board Meeting Minutes August 14, 2012

Lincoln Camera Club

Board Meeting Minutes

August 14, 2012


Board and Committee members present:  Angela Carroll, Jim Atkins, Susan Ellis,  Donna Gustafson and Rebecca Hueske.

President Carroll called the meeting to order in her home.

Minutes – the minutes were corrected to read that Bev Mazur will contact Doug Smith instead of Angela Carroll.  The meeting time for the August meeting was changed from 4 PM to 5 PM.  The minutes were approved as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report – no report

N4C Dues – a motion was made and seconded to approve the payment of dues to N4C.  Dues are one dollar per member.  The motion carried.

Bank Signature Card

A motion was made and seconded to remove Peggy Ruge’s name from the bank signature card and to add Angela Carroll’s name because of a change in leadership.  The motion passed.

Children’s Zoo Update

Jerry Jensen, Rebecca Hueske and Jim Budka will work at the zoo on Wednesday.


Christmas Party

The party will be December 11 at the Havelock Social Hall.  Cocktails will be at 6 PM and dinner will be served at 7 PM.  Matt Elwood will speak about wedding photography.  We will have a digital slide show of the members work.  Darrell Watts will be asked to read Twas the Night Before Christmas.  The board selected the menu.  It was moved and seconded that we pay the speaker $100.  The motion carried.

August Meeting

Dinner will be served at 5 PM.  Members are to bring a camera, tripod and flash to photos of family members under the guidance of Steve Hike.


September – Pat Saldana will present a program on night photography.

October – Brian Sivil will present an astrophotography program.

November – we will ask the Beran Church Camera Club to join us.   Steve Hike is tentatively scheduled to present our program.

December – Christmas Party


Program sugguestions – Rebecca Hueske suggested that we talk about what’s in our camera bags.  The club will try to showcase youth photography at the October meeting.


The CPID and EID categories have been combined into a new category called PID.  Rebecca will send out a schedule of the various competition dates.  Rebecca will cancel the September competition because PSA competitions do not start until October.  She will ask for theme competition ideas at the September meeting.

New Business

Angela will start a membership program in September.

The meeting was adjouned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Donna Gustafson