Lincoln Camera Club Board Meeting Minutes October 11, 2011

Board members present:  Jim Budka, Abe Chen, Dennis Zabel, Jim Atkins and Donna Gustafson.

President Jim Budka called the meeting to order in his home.


Treasurer’s Report

Jim Budka presented the treasurer’s report.  The balance in our treasury is $3,223.45.

Liability Insurance

Ken Olson of Forsyth Insurance proposed that we purchase an umbrella policy.  The cost will be about $325 to $350 per year.  The coverage is one million dollars per occurrence with an aggregate of two million dollars.

Jim Budka will present this proposal to a vote of the general membership.



The minutes were read.


Sound System

Jim Budka will research a wireless system will work with our current equipment.


Holiday Dinner

Darrell Watts reserved the Havelock Social Hall.  Hall rental is $150.  The board selected the menu.  A cash bar will be available.  The board recommends that we charge each member and guest $15 for dinner.


Children’s Zoo Photography Project

Jim Atkins resigned as chair of the Zoo photography project.  Jim Budka will ask the membership for a volunteer to chair this project.


2012 Board Meetings

The next two meetings will be January 10, 2012 and March 13, 2012.


The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Gustafson,