Lincoln Camera Club Board Meeting Minutes October 9, 2012

Lincoln Camera Club

Board Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2012


Board and Committee members present:  Angela Carroll, Jim Atkins, Susan Ellis,  Donna Gustafson, Rebecca Hueske, Karen Harris and Bev Mazur.


President Carroll called the meeting to order in her home.


Minutes – the minutes were approved as presented.


Treasurer’s Report – Angela reviewed the treasurer’s report.  The report was accepted as presented.  Angela and Karen are the only names on the bank signature card.  Rebecca Hueske presented a bill from Software Pursuits for the competition website.

Competition Report – the first competition was held.  She will announce the results at the next membership meeting.  Rebecca will review the scoring procedures to see if the number of ties can be reduced.  Angela will ask the membership for ideas for the theme competition.


Program Notes

October – Brian Sivil will present an astrophotography program.

November – Steve Hike will conduct an indoor lighting workshop.

December – Christmas Party

January – Judge images from England.   We may hold our monthly photo contest that night.  We may be able to showcase youth photography.

February – Angela will try to arrange a program about pinhole photography.

March – Pat Saldana will present a program about infrared photography.

April – program needs to be planned

May – May Salon.  Susan Ellis will ask Robert Becker to be our speaker.


Christmas Party

The meal will cost $13 to $14.  Members will be asked to bring desserts.  We will run a slide show of photos submitted by members.



A motion was made to give memorials for Steve Duvall and Claudius Shoniwa in the amount of $25.  All future motions will be $25.  The motion carried.



Angela reported that our membership is down 49% in two years.  Angela will announce a membership drive at the next general meeting.  Susan will invite the Berean Church Camera Club to our March meeting.


New Business

Jim Atkins and Donna Gustafson suggested that we host the N4C Conference in 2015.  They gave the board a brief description of what is required to host the conference.  Possible locations and programs were discussed.  Angela will bring this suggestion before the general membership.


The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Donna Gustafson