Linda’s Message for May

Thanks. That is the main message of this month. Thank you to everyone who made
my tenure as president so great! Every time I needed aid people stepped up and did
more than their share. This was especially important to me since I live out of town. I
must say special thanks go out to Darrell Watts and Yvonne Nelson (our last two
illustrious presidents) who made things so much easier for me. A big thank you also goes to Jim Atkins for doing such a great job on the newsletter and working so hard with
the zoo project and to Steve Hike for doing so much work so well for the competitions.
There are many other members who also deserve a big pat on the back for all the help
they gave me; it is much appreciated.

Now having said that, we need to look forward. Our club is being recognized for its
excellence and is being asked to photograph events. We are great! This summer we
will probably be asked to help with Special Olympics on July 18th to July 23rd; please
aid them if you are able. We need to reserve time to photograph the Alzheimer’s
Memory Walk on September 19th too. And —we have our Wild Wednesdays at the
Zoo; Jim Atkins is the person to contact to help with that. I can guarantee a fun time if
you attend. And then, there are county and state fairs to keep in mind. You can enter
your photographic art and also lend a hand to Yvonne Nelson who is in charge of the
photography for both events. One last event I know of is the Sam Mather Memorial
Scholarship Photo Contest in Weeping Water in conjunction with Limestone Days.
Deadline for entry is Saturday, June 19th, 2010. If you have questions you may call
402-267-5252 in the evenings.

Enjoy the May Salon and have a great summer.