Linda’s President Message for February- 2011

Linda Graham

As I look out my window today I don’t see much but white.  Our visibilities are down to about a city block but we are thankful that we still have electricity and are warm and safe inside.  However, one shouldn’t let being inside bother the ability to get pictures.  I spent a little time this afternoon taking pictures of frost on my storm door since it was quite beautiful.

There have been multiple opportunities to get out and enjoy the winter wonderland.  I hope everyone has availed themselves of them.  The hoarfrost at times has been absolutely gorgeous.  There have also been some fabulous snowflakes to capture with our cameras.  The flakes may melt but we will have the picture forever.  The snowflakes did present quite a challenge for me but it gave me lots of practice using my macro lens.  My most difficult task was finding a suitable background for the flakes to land on.  First I tried a griddle that I had had in the freezer but every little rough spot on it showed up.  Then I tried my husband’s car since it was a dark color.  I found out that with a macro you can see between the dots of paint. I finally settled on black mat board and got some decent shots.  However, Stacy said that she uses the top of a roaster pan and she has gotten some fabulous pictures.

Congratulations to everyone who had their winter photos published in the “Neighborhood Extra”. Since I live in the country I do not receive it but I have been told that there were some great pictures there.  Good work everyone.

Opportunities abound for us to enter contests or attend workshops this late winter and early spring.  Please check the website.  Also, don’t forget the Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium contest which we are sponsoring.  Get the word out to others too; it is open to all.  Also, if you feel so inclined I certainly could use some help putting all the pictures up the afternoon before the event.

Finally, I would like to apologize to the few who showed up for our last meeting that I cancelled late in the day.  I really didn’t want people out on bad streets just to get to a meeting but as much as we tried apparently we didn’t get the word out to all.  Now we can all look forward to a great February meeting.  Stacy and Jim will tell us all about the new website and we will also judge photos that have been sent to us by Peter Yeo’s club. I just hope that this weather settles down so that we can all make it there and back safely.

Linda Graham, president LCC