March 2011 Digital Competition Results

I want to start off by thanking everyone who participated and attended the competition judging meeting on Thursday.  We had an incredible turn out for both and I’m very excited at how this competition is growing by leaps and bounds!  If want to encourage everyone to think about submitting at least one image for next month’s competition!  I am available to walk you through how to submit them!

Without further ado… here are the photos that placed.  I will say that this month was insanely hard to judge!  There were a lot of stunning photographs!

Digital Themed Competition (Shadows were the theme) view them all here

1    spiral stair case shadow    Jim  Budka

1st Place, Jim  Budka

2    Cars Delight    Stacy Carlson

2nd Place, Stacy Carlson

3    haines branch bridge    Julie  Halloran

3rd Place, Julie  Halloran

HM    railing on steps    Robert Hilsabeck
HM   night on east campus    Rebecca Hueske
HM   Chataqua Park    Linda S. Graham
HM  White’s Store    Angela Carroll
HM   Shadow_On_Road    Pavan Kumar

Digital Creative Competition view them all here

1    Tim _Circle        Pavan Kumar

1st Place, Pavan Kumar

2    Snowy Barn        Karen  Harris

2nd Place, Karen  Harris

3    bold colors        Robert Hilsabeck

3rd Place, Robert Hilsabeck

HM    Can You Hear Me Now        Stacy Carlson
HM    teapot        Linda S. Graham
HM    Symmetry        Angela Carroll
HM    Dirty Rottens        Jim  Atkins

Digital PhotoJournalism Competition view them all here

1    one killed in wreck on Highway 2        Linda S. Graham

1st Place, Linda S. Graham

2    ferris wheels last state fair in lincoln        Julie  Halloran

2nd Place, Julie  Halloran

3    Huskers Win in Overtime        Karen  Harris

3rd Place, Karen  Harris

HM    for food or fuel        Robert Hilsabeck
HM    Ice_Rescue        Kenneth Plank
HM    Model Railroad Show Comes to Town        Stacy Carlson
HM    African_American_Squirrel at White House        Pavan Kumar
HM    Zombies Invade Lincoln        Jim  Atkins

Digital Nature Competition view them all here

1    Road_Less_Travelled        Pavan Kumar

1st Place, Pavan Kumar

2    lilac tree#4        Jim  Atkins

2nd Place, Jim  Atkins

3    Waves of Petals        Kenneth Plank

3rd Place, Kenneth Plank

HM    Mountain Lake        Bradley Moser
HM    Kit Fox        Clark  Springman
HM    tulips        Robert Hilsabeck
HM    good morning sunshine!        Julie  Halloran
HM    Elk in the Snow        Karen  Harris

Digital Pictorial Competition view them all here

1    Mysore_Palace        Pavan Kumar

1st Place, Pavan Kumar

2    Diamond In the Rough        Stacy Carlson

2nd Place, Stacy Carlson

3    maryland farm        Rebecca Hueske

3rd Place, Rebecca Hueske

HM    Winter Sunrise        Linda S. Graham
HM    High Mountain View        Bradley Moser
HM    past its prime        Julie  Halloran
HM    Red Right Returning        Clark  Springman
HM    South Point        Dennis  Gaibler