Message from Kevin Chelton

Lincoln Camera Club,

Photography has been a passion of mine for many years.   Having two children involved in sports, I have been involved in action photography.   My passion for action photography has grown over the years to provide an affordable service for my wonderful hobby.   My passion has grown to follow many sports teams in the area to allow the young athletes the thrill of seeing pictures in the sports they enjoy.

The week of July 9th– 11th was the Ager Golf Championship in Lincoln, I have chose to put my efforts to capture some great shots of the junior golfers that will be displayed at the Jim Ager Memorial Golf Course around the club house.   The enjoyment is not from the finished product but the excitement of these young golfers to see pictures around the clubhouse showing their pride of the course.

Additional pictures can be viewed of this event at:  and you will need the following password to access the album:  “agergolf2013”.

Kevin Chelton
Chelton Photography


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