N4C Committee Members

Good Morning N4C Committee Members,

I hope everyone is having a great summer!  Time seems to be flying by and before you know it school will be back in session and our event will be right around the corner.

Linda and I have been visiting hotels to pin down a location.  Linda is meeting with one additional place this week,  We hope to have a location pinned down and be able to get the process in full swing by the end of August giving us one year to plan our event.

Tom has put together a preliminary budget using information that was provided from other N4C Convention events.  Once we have information on speaker costs we will be able to put more tweaks on the budget so we know how to go about asking for donations, grants and or fundraising.   We will need to get on companies budgets bye end of September when some fiscal years end.

I sent out the logos that I came up with and I will print them and bring them to the next OCC meeting so we can decide on a logo or go back to the drawing board.  The few responses I did receive liked the first one.

I know this is a busy time of year for everyone and meetings are hard to attend.  But I would like us to at least touch base at the next OCC meeting to set a time that will work for a meeting to get the ball rolling.

I will be leaving for the Hudson Convention on 9/10 and returning on 9/15 late.  I have been able to coordinated the Hudson N4C conference with a conference for work in Minneapolis on Sunday and Monday.  So I’m hoping to bring back lots of good information about the convention and what people would like to see when they come to Omaha.
I know the board at N4C is very excited to be coming to Omaha and they have offered to help in anyway we may need.  I will also be looking to them while at the convention for suggestions and volunteer requests.  It was mentioned the last time the N4C Convention was in Omaha was 1960, Convention was in Lincoln in 1999, 1982 & 1964

We are a strong club and I would like to see how the committee feels with asking other camera clubs in the area to help with this event?  What are your thoughts or suggestions.  Lincoln club is receiving the emails.  We need all the volunteers we can get as this is an event that will be good for the clubs in the area.

Looking forward to responses and ideas or questions.

Yours in Photography,

Ina Ohnmeiss
N4C Committee Chair