N4C Springbrook Information

Let me see if I can explain this logically as there has been a flurry of e-mails over Springbrook:

1. 1st VP Linda Rutherford discovered in talking with the DNR who schedule Springbrook that there was going to be a group of school kids there on the weekend we were planning on using.  Larry Meister immediately started looking into this problem and found that unknown to us, schools can make requests up to 3 years in advance,  a school group had reserved classrooms and couldn’t change their dates.  There was a change in the previous policy for groups like us that I wish the DNR had told us about because now we no longer have to wait until the first of the year to reserve our space.  Depending upon when the school kids made their reservations this may or may not have helped us for this year.
2. The kids have reserved 1/2 of the big classroom Friday night and Saturday until 1 pm on our original dates.  They can’t move to the basement of the dining hall nor could they use the end of the dining hall and neither can we for our programs.  Originally Anne from DNR did not tell Larry that the kids needed Friday night so  I just suggested to Linda Rutherford that we put our normal Saturday afternoon activities in the morning so our noise and theirs would not interfere with each other but now when we see that they will be there Friday night and Saturday, this is not a realistic plan.  They will make noise and we will have our microphones turned up so people can hear and I think it would be a recipe for disaster.
3. And just to make life interesting Anne told Larry about road closures at the park – here is the quote “  Everything up here at the Education Center will be open. It is just the park down below that will be closed. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware of that so nobody would be disappointed in not being able to drive through the park itself. It will not affect anything at all up here at the Education Center!
4. Based on this information I have made an executive decision to move Springbrook to April 22-24 and the dates have been booked with the DNR.  Normally I would consult all of you on this for input prior to making the decision but felt the need to respond before someone else took that weekend.  I’m sure this will interfere with someone’s plans but I just couldn’t potentially ruin Springbrook for all of us.
5. Special thanks to Larry Meister for negotiating all of this for us through quite a number of e-mails and the initial confusion.