N&DPS 2012 February Activities by Peter Yeo



Hello Lincoln Camera Club.  It is hard to believe that we are now right at the end of the first month of the year ……. I really don’t know where the time goes to, but it’s gone in a flash!  February is a “winter month” but it already looks as if it may be mild because today I saw snowdrops beside the road as I came back from a “public meeting” in Newark (I live twenty miles away in a tiny Lincolnshire village).  The Gilstrap Centre, in the grounds of Newark Castle, is in danger of being sold and we may have to find another place to have our annual exhibition.  The photographic society is not the only group to be affected, and the towns-people turned-out in force to question the proposal to sell the building, much to the surprise of the officials who called the “public consultation” I am sure.

February is going to be an unusual month for the Society as, apart from Heat 6 of our Photographer of the Year Competition on Monday 6th, with Steve Roper of Nottingham Outlaws as the judge, I am to be deeply involved in what remains of the months programme.

Monday 13th is a talk entitled “Here, There and Somewhere Else” by me, Peter Yeo.

The following week, on Monday 20th Feb, it is planned to show the work of Lincoln Camera Club, Nebraska, an exchange of images that we are looking forward to viewing and judging.  I have been in regular contact with Clark Springman, from your side of the Atlantic, to ensure the exchange flows smoothly.  As far as getting our work to you for the reciprocal part of the exchange is concerned, I have been able to put my Teflon-coated shoulders to good use and pass the responsibility to Steffan Nicholson, our Secretary and resident computer whizz-kid, to deal with.  (If it all goes “pear-shaped” I’ve got my excuse in in plenty of time, always a good idea I find!!)

On Monday 27th N&DPS members will have the dubious pleasure of yet more involvement from me when I present a talk on “Preparation for External Exhibitions and Distinctions”.

The “distinctions” referred to are the “Awards for Photographic Merit” given by the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB), and the three levels of Distinction awarded by the Royal Photographic Society RPS.  I firmly believe that there are several members of Newark & DPS who are capable of producing work to the standards required to gain recognition by the PAGB and RPS, and a small number of members have already done so in the past couple of years.  It’s my job to show that more should have a go.