Newark & District Photographic Society – September


Hello Lincoln Camera Club.  What is termed “summer” over here has been the typical changeable weather we are used to; one day you dress for a warm day, the next you need a fleece jacket.  Our TV weather forecasters don’t stand a chance ……. “Four centimeters of rain will fall in the next 24 hours” is followed by one of the nicest days for some time and I’ve changed my plans to cope with the forecast bad weather.  Frustrating!

In the US you have recently celebrated Labor Day whereas we have just had August Bank Holiday, from 27th to 29th.  There have been a number of interesting things to attend within a few miles of home.  Motorcycle racing at Cadwell Park clashed with the Society Of Model Aeronautical Engineers National Championships at RAF Barkston Heath, in the south of the county, and the model aircraft won.  The very best of models were on display, Scale and Non-Scale, and all took to the air despite the fairly strong wind that whistled across the airfield.  The scale models were of the very highest quality, with every rivet and panel faithfully depicted.  These days there are small but powerful miniature jet engines that allow modellers to make modern fighter aircraft that look and sound entirely realistic, and fly extremely quickly and perform all the moves that the “real thing” can do.  Some aircraft are quite small, with 5 or 6 feet wingspan, whilst others are made to one-quarter scale or larger.  The World War Two Messerschmidt Me262 twin-jet fighter was huge, as can be seen from the picture included, and flew magnificently.

Me262 Final Approach
Me262 Final Adjustmants


Personal favourites were the BAe Hawk jet trainer and its US equivalent the T-45, the F86 Sabre, and the WWII “warbirds” which flew as a group of 14 aircraft, climbing, diving and weaving about the sky in simulated combat.  Wonderful to watch but impossible to capture with the camera.  Many of the WWII fighter aircraft were powered by motors larger than that in my lawn-mower!


F86 Sabre


On the Sunday Frances and I went to Rauceby, near Sleaford, where there was the annual “World War Two Weekend”.  Enthusiasts dress in authentic military uniforms, and some wear civilian clothes, with the ladies having hair-do’s of the styles favoured in the 1940’s.  There are many military vehicles and weapons lovingly restored and maintained, and all the people using the kit and wearing the clothes, are happy to pose and be photographed.  I know that Clark Springman would have been pleased to be there as there was a Cushman motorcycle of the type that equipped US Airborne forces to provide them with personal transport once they hit the ground in whichever theatre of operations they fought.  Clark once worked for Cushmans and has often told me about the friends he made and still meets from time to time.   Amongst the shots I include here is one of a Russian woman “spotter” for her sniper colleague, some German soldiers resting,and a 1946 Plymouth Coupe that some of you might have owned at the time or since.  This example is in magnificent condition and is often shown at similar events throughout the UK.


Cushman Motor Cycle
Cushman MotorCycle Running
German Soldiers Resting
Russian Spotter
Plymouth Coupe

Newark’s new season begins on 5th September with a visit by Pat Reed EFIAP,DPAGB, of York PS, when she will give her talk “Pat’s Eye”.  Until recently Pat was President of the Yorkshire Photographic Union (YPU), probably the largest regional group of camera clubs in Britain, and she really does have an eye for a picture.  Pat is a photographer with a tremendous reputation and we look forward to her visit.


On 12th September my good friend Colin New, a member of the London Salon and of Sheffield PS, will present his lecture “Going South”.  This is a print talk about his trip to South Georgia, Antarctica and the Falkland Islands.  I was in the Falklands in 1982 and will be interested to see how it has changed, if at all, since I was there.  South Georgia and the Antarctica are places I would love to have visited so these parts of Colin’s talk will be of great interest to me.


On the 19th we have the Heat One of the Photographer of the Year Competition, to be judged by Bill Hall AFIAP, DPAGB, BPE5*, of Rolls-Royce(Derby) PS.  Bill is a very successful exhibition entrant.


Rob Palmer ARPS, AFIAP, from Eastwood PS, will give us “This Indecision’s Bugging Me!” on the 26th.  Rob is a devoted darkroom B&W printer and known for his witty repartee, not to mention his scathing remarks aimed at digital photography!  His work is of a high standard and quite different to what many of us do, so that’s something to look forward to.


Our Programme Secretary, Andy Cobb, has arranged a very good mix of talks, competitions and training evenings to take us through to the end of next April.  On 22nd October we are competing in the PAGB Inter-Club Print Championships at Connahs Quay having won one of the two places available to represent N&EMPF, our regional federation of camera clubs.  And just to keep our members busy and interested, there is the N&EMPF Annual Exhibition, with entries due in on 15th October. The actual exhibition will be from 7th January until 4th February 2012 at Durban House, Eastwood.  Eastwood was the home town of the author D H Lawrence, of “Lady Chatterleys Lover” and “Women in Love” fame.