Photo Competition for the N&DSP of Lincoln, England


For entering the photo competition for the N&DSP of Lincoln, England they require we format our photos to the requirements of the projector they use. 

Here are the requirements:

Image width = 1400 pixels

Image height = 1050 pixels

Image type = JPEG

Color Space = sRGB

Color Bit Depth = 8 bit

size can be any

Image title not more than 30 characters

Image title = your name–photo title.jpg

example = jim_atkins-sunset_over_falls.jpg

or jimatkins-sunsetoverfalls.jpg

Images not conforming to the specification will not be rejected but will be projected as presented.

Each member can submit 4-5 photos

Or if you entered the RBCC competition and want to use the same photos for this competition let me know so I can transfer over to the N&DSP folder.

Please send email to me at (jna) or call me (402-483-1610 )for more information or to drop by with photos on a flash or thumb drive. 

I must have the photos by February 22, 2015. Thats the deadline.

Thank you,

Jim Atkins 

Lincoln Camera Club