Photos from November’s Competition ready for Viewing

From Rebecca — results from November’s competition night are now available for viewing by logging on to . In an effort to have fewer tied scores, this month we went to a 1 through 7 scoring system, which seemed to work a little better than the previous 1-5 system (which is still used for PSA scoring as per their rules.)

Be sure and get your entries in for December’s competition! Competition is Thursday, Dec. 6 with an entry deadline of midnight the night of the 5th. Categories are Nature, PID (the general, “open” category), and Themed. December’s theme is Black & White/Sepia. Looking forward to seeing your photos, and remember, everyone is invited to come to competition night on the first Thursday of the month! Sit back and enjoy the photos even if you don’t have anything entered — though we hope you DO enter. Remember, in order to send a full slate of entries on to PSA competition, we need photos from at least six different people in each category in order to get full credit. Dig out your favorite photos and enter!

Rebecca H.