Susan Ellis Completes PSA Individualized Photo Course

Lincoln Camera Club and PSA member, Susan Ellis,  has Completed the  free PSA (Photographic Society of America) Individualized Photo Course available to PSA members. She will receive a Certificate and her name will be listed in the PSA Journal as a Graduate of the course.

The PSA Individualized Photo Course is free and available to PSA members. There are instructors and two books to show the tools of photography and assist you in their understanding. If you are already familiar with the tools the instructors are hopeful this will give you practice and feedback to improve on the skills you understand. The course is designed to enhance your PSA experience.

This course is available to individual members of PSA. Students will have six (6) months to complete the course. At the end of that period we hope you will be finished. If, however, you are not finished, the course will end. If you are an advanced worker the course will be tailored to your abilities. If you are a beginner the same is true.