August 19, 2012 is designated as World Photography Day. The day is set aside for the promotion and understanding of the art of photography. What did YOU do on World Photography day?

If you recall, August 19, 2012 was a picture perfect day for weather and our camera club was meeting with camera in hand, to receive (besides good food) good instruction on outdoor portraiture!

In order to take your art to another level in expertise, technique and artistic value; education, experience and promotion is necessary to achieve that level with your photography.  The World Photography Day is one opportunity to get involved to promote or learn about photography.

Having our family picnic and outdoor portraiture class was not scheduled on World Photography Day intentionally, more of a coincidence, however I am excited that our club ‘participated’ with a photography project for that day!

What are some ideas that you could have done on World Photography Day?—-took a day trip photographing your adventure, took photos of your family or printed, designed and presented your photos with special matting and framing, taught a young person how to use their camera, purchased an inexpensive camera for an underprivileged child so as to promote their natural talent in the fine arts, volunteered to photograph a fundraiser, took a photography class, invited a friend to attend the Lincoln Camera Club and the list goes on and on…. In other words, get excited about the endless possibilities that photography can give to you, your community and the world!

Get Out There!!

Angela Carroll

Club President